Aerial Yoga Classes

A Community of Dance Instructors. A World of Passion. An innovative program that blends the beneficial elements of traditional yoga methodology with the unique conditioning of aerial arts. 
  • Intro Level Aerial Yoga

    Intro Level Yoga

    This class introduces and acclimates students to the aerial yoga hammock and the general flow of an aerial yoga class at Enchantment Dancing. The student will learn about breathing, mental focus and the safety measures used in aerial yoga as well as become comfortable with being suspended off the ground and inverted. Students will experience the peace and tranquility as well as exhilaration that aerial yoga can bring to their lives for the first time as they meditate, stretch, “fly” and find their center in the incredibly healing “floating Sivasana” pose. For the safety and comfort of our students at Enchantment Dancing, completion of this class is required to attend Level I or higher.

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    Aerial Fitness –Stretch, Strength and Tone (Level I)

    CAerial Fitness

    This class is paced for students with little experience in aerial yoga and is focused on deep breathing and garnering experience with the hammock apparatus to build strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and develop fluidity of motion. This class is excellent for students to find the balance between the relaxation and exhilaration that aerial yoga can deliver. Completion of Introduction to Aerial Yoga is required to attend this class

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    Level II

    Level 2 Yoga

    In this intermediate-level class students will experience a faster pace through the various breathing techniques, yoga poses and strength-building exercises they solidified in Level I and be introduced to the “cardio” element of aerial yoga. This class places a stronger focus on deeper stretching, core-strength training and aerial arts techniques (inversions and “flying”) Completion of Introduction to Aerial Yoga is required to attend this class

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    Advanced Aerial Yoga (Level III)

    Advanced Aerial Yoga

    This is a class whose pace is tailored for aerial yoga students with a greater degree of experience and explores every facet of aerial yoga. Students will perform higher-level stretches, more intense strength training, and advanced aerial art poses and techniques. To ensure the safety and comfort of our students, Enchantment Dancing requires that students complete ten or more Level I and/or Level II classes before attending Level III

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Offered Weekly

13 Beginner-Advanced classes offered weekly. Please bring your own yoga mat and towel.


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