What do I wear?

We suggest wearing non-constricting business casual clothing. If ladies feel comfortable in dresses or skirts they are welcome to wear them, but they are not required.

Do I need special shoes?

No, however we do suggest wearing flat smooth soled shoes. Athletic shoes and hiking boots tend to stick to the dance floor. Ladies are not required to wear high heels, but may if they feel comfortable in them.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of dance shoes, we offer a variety of styles and sizes.

When should I arrive?

If it will be your first time visiting our studio, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled lesson time. This allows us to give you a tour of the studio, introduce you to your instructor, and have you fill out any necessary paper work.

Do I need a partner?

No, we offer lessons to individuals and couples alike. Our instructors provide tailor made dance plans for all our students, with or without partners.