About Us


Our philosophy: Do what you love with integrity and passion and success will follow.

Chip Hindi has taught dance for over two decades and has been the proprietor of Enchantment Dancing for more than half that time. He and his staff were trained and are certified under the DVIDA syllabus and ISTD syllabus to instruct any dance level. Chip is the recipient of the prestigious “Top Professional” award and was voted “Favorite Professional” at the People’s Choice Dancesport Championship.

Chip and the staff of Enchantment Dancing undergo regular training to remain ever sharp with their technique and instructional methods. By doing so they provide the outstanding, incomparably comprehensive ballroom instruction that can only be experienced at Enchantment Dancing. This dedication to their craft has earned Enchantment Dancing the “Top Studio in the USA” award in the People’s Choice Dancesport Championship several times. For Chip and the staff of Enchantment Dancing, teaching dance is a way to positively impact the community and change lives of our students by helping them build relationships and develop their gifts and passions.