Wedding Courses


What could be more memorable than a couple’s wedding dance? Come to Enchantment Dancing and ensure that your first dance is as magical as can be with our wedding dance courses. Your guests will marvel at the elegance, style, and grace you’ll only learn here at Enchantment.

At Enchantment we offer 3 ways to prepare for your special day!

Basic Wedding Course

Our Basic Wedding Course is meant to teach you and your partner the basics of leading and following to the special song of your choice.

The course includes 5 private, 45-minute lessons for $271 +tax.

Intermediate Wedding Course

The Intermediate Wedding Course will teach you and your partner the basic steps for leading and following. Then, you and your instructor will build on these basics to include a rehearsed entrance, dip, and exit.

This course includes 10 lessons, each 45-minutes long with one of our private instructors for $522 +tax. 

Advanced Wedding Course

Our Advanced Wedding Course is for the couples that desire a fully choreographed routine for their special day. One of our private instructors will teach you and your partner the basics and will work with you to develop and customize a routine based on the special song of your choosing.

This course includes 15 private, 45-minute lessons for only $775 +tax